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Wednesday, 28. July 2010

Polished ceramic Tiles, Fine color and finish

There are different sizes of polished ceramic tiles. There is 300x300mm, 600x600mm, 800x800mm, etc. these polished ceramic tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to their lively colors and finish. There are series of beige, white, black, golden and so on.
We have been supplying Grade A polished Porcelain tiles for many years for both domestic and commercial projects. People from all the country and even abroad like our polished tiles very much. For most of the time, our supply can hardly meet the demand. Therefore, if you are interested in our tiles, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Monday, 26. July 2010

Black and White Polished Tiles change your place into an eye-catching one!

It is time for a change by installing a new set of black or white polished tiles. With these, you can transform a plain or boring space to a beautiful, eye-catching delight and you will love spending time at home!
These striking black and white contemporary porcelain tiles are available from us. Use either of them to create a plain background or both to create a classic chequered effect for your kitchen or bathroom.

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Sunday, 25. July 2010

Colorful and attractive Mosaic tiles

We offer Mosaic tiles such as Ceramic Mosaic Crystal Mosaic Glass Mosaic Metal Mosaic. They have their own characteristics. The Ceramic Mosaic tiles are very durable. The Crystal Mosaic tiles are very shining. The Glass Mosaic tiles are very transparent. The Metal Mosaic tiles are difficult to be broken. Meanwhile, they are all colorful and attractive. They are widely used indoors and outdoors. Recently, we have added more colors to our mosaic tiles. Now we have various kinds of red, orange and yellow tiles. The effect is stunning. Many of the new colors attribute to the attraction of more people. You can buy your favorite mosaic tiles at a price you can afford.

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